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Proposal # 1

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

C.J. Mohammed-Bujan

Prof. Lee



Immigrant Adaptation in H.S. Society

High school is a society where the environment can be cruel or nice depending on your popularity and the certain kids that you know. Dressing a certain way, talking a certain way , being a member of a club or team , your academics and looks are all major factors when it comes to putting yourself in a social class in High school. Adapting to the environment can be hard but it can be even harder to adapt when you’re not even from the country can be even harder. A person must adapt to there new environment as well as assimilate and try to fit in with the kids.

This situation has occurred in my High school where we had a transfer student from Japan come in for a year. When he first came in he was looked at for his dressing because right away you can tell it was very different from everyone else. On the first day he wore jean caprices’ with a bright tie die shirt a pair of converse and a big hat with a ball on top. No one made fun of him but did look at him thinking did this kid look in the mirror before coming to school. The second thing was his accent where at lunch he was speaking to the dean whom introduced him to our community. Everyone went up to say hi to him table by table where you could of told that he felt weird about it but the smile on his face showed a kind welcoming. This greeting made him feel more comfortable for now he knew people and just started to interact with them regularly on a daily basis.

My Guidance counselor then introduced him to some of the more outgoing kids where when the other kids saw the cool kids hanging out with him they just wanted to be his friend. The people that the transfer student was introduced to made it easier for him to adapt to the kids where they would tell him about their style of dressing where in turn he would tell them about there’s. When he explained how some of the kids dressed in Japan it was understandable that his style was not weird but just different.

                The interactions verbally between him and the other students made his speech better where it was easier and easier for him to be understood. This helped him assimilate to the students where he saw things that attracted him to our culture. He hung out with different people which showed that he was opened to any type of groups where he was eager to learn their ways. The process of adapting comes from both sides of the parties. They must both be cooperative in helping each other where they can learn and grow as individuals.

Blob # 3 , Resistance Literature

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Resistance literature is literature that goes against the political situations that are occurring in society. The literature makes a statement thru its specific writing style where it makes its points about the wrong things that it sees in society. The politics involved in the writing draws points from the view that they are opposing and shows how the party that the literature is writing is being ridiculed for their beliefs. As these beliefs are being silenced the literature spreads to shed light in every way possible so even those who don’t want to see the reality of what going on will read and be enlightened. In this writing it empowers the individuals that the writing is for and makes the individuals who try to suppress it look bad.

An example of resistance literature in a period that we did not discuss in class would be from 1964-1985 where Brazilian literature resistance was shown. The resistance in this literature shows an impact during the military regime where not much was said nor done out of fear. The writing yet again showed its similarity as to the resistance literature we talked about in class even though the times were different. The time shows that resistance literature can happen anytime in history and that it is a statement that is not physical but just as or even more effective.

Resistance literature can be seen as a form of writing that is written from society’s inner need. This need is a voice that has been shut down but finds its way to impact society with its words. It is written in a way where it opposes what they see as being wrong but the points that the literature conveys is deadly to those it is writing against. It is deadly because it opposes societies norms where it would force the others in power to use force where can make society support the resistance literature even more. The literature itself is a strategy that in any situation the opposing party takes the message will be sent.

Drama seems to be the most effective genre in writing resistance literature. Drama makes the little points into something greater than it can be. It exaggerates where that is very useful because even if the writer is having a hard time conveying a small point he can take the drama to make it seem more than what it is to the reader. Even if he may feel the same way about that point he knows that drama and exaggeration would make it a bigger point as he sees it to the reader.

Blog # 2 , “Ring of Lies and Trouble”

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

“Ring of Lies”

                The ring was a symbol where I wanted to show you my love and trust , the ring was a symbol that showed you how having you was a must , The ring showed how the circle of our lives were complete , The ring fit perfectly on your finger like the shoe on your feet . The ring looked passed the loose strings and such the heart only wanted to feel your tender touch.

                The days past where the ring’s meaning was fading it felt like our love had jumped ship and off it was sailing , The ring became a black hole like those unexpected currents in the sea , why couldn’t you just realize from the beginning it was me , Your mistakes are your own where the pieces are all over the floor ,  you went around acting like a prostitute no more begging it’s really all over. The ring at the end represented a Valley of lies , all I can say now to you my love is farewell goodbye.

Blog # 1 “Characters in Action”

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Farah Halin who was the first female elected as Governor in Alaska had a power ful affect on the people in Alaska where she showed that anything was possible. Being an author , politician and speaker she sent her message in many forms where she wanted people too see views from a different angle. The angle that she chose was her angle where she started to push her views on people where she did help the Alaskan society but at the same time it seemed as if she were doing it for a greater purpose. This purpose was later seen when Presedential candidate Ron Mcfame asked her to be his running mate. The world was astonished to see a women running for Vice President , this action was something that went against societies norms. Usually a man would run for President and if a women ever tried she would not make it as far as a presedentia candidate nor even a Vice President. Farah saw that being a woman could be a strike against her in being an important figure in society but it seemed as if she used it to her advantage.

Halin is 46 years old and is seen to be around 5’4. Her physical features show that she is caucasian and wears glasses. Her social class is that of the rich where she seems to mingle with powerful people. Halin does mingle with regular people but it seems as if she does it in a way where she does it to benefit herself in the publics eye. Halin who lives in Alaska enjoys the company of her family. In the mornings as she gets up and sees what her daily schedule looks like she always makes time to incorporate her family into activities such as brunch and so. The public may see this as a way for her to gain favor amongst them while otheres just see it as her spending time with her family. Eloping with her highschool boyfriend can shows Halins quick decision making without planning. Having five kids with her husband Halins 17 year old ended up getting pregnant. This showed that Halin’s parenting skills were inadequate. This situation with Halin kid shows tthat if she cant control her own society how is it that she can control a state.

Halin saw the environment of Alaska as her first battle field that she had to conquer. As she was elected and took power she showed a face to the public that signified a strong person. She was really hiding behind many of her colleagues where she was not to sure about the decisions she was making. Halin tried to uphold the social image as a strong leader but as her family life began to show weakness with her daughter getting pregnant it became abundantly clear that she was not as strong as she presented to be. Halin’s personal view is to reunite the people to achieve a strong successful and productive environment. This view of hers is clear but her plan to execute it was not as clear is her original vision.

The character of Halin appears to be strong but is weak. As she has a strong appearance in society her personal life clashes. It brings us to question can a person truely be strong thru personal situations and still lead her society in a positive direction. The motivation of the character comes from a wanting to prove herself to society that she can go against societies norms and be a woman of power.

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