Blob # 3 , Resistance Literature

September 28, 2010

Resistance literature is literature that goes against the political situations that are occurring in society. The literature makes a statement thru its specific writing style where it makes its points about the wrong things that it sees in society. The politics involved in the writing draws points from the view that they are opposing and shows how the party that the literature is writing is being ridiculed for their beliefs. As these beliefs are being silenced the literature spreads to shed light in every way possible so even those who don’t want to see the reality of what going on will read and be enlightened. In this writing it empowers the individuals that the writing is for and makes the individuals who try to suppress it look bad.

An example of resistance literature in a period that we did not discuss in class would be from 1964-1985 where Brazilian literature resistance was shown. The resistance in this literature shows an impact during the military regime where not much was said nor done out of fear. The writing yet again showed its similarity as to the resistance literature we talked about in class even though the times were different. The time shows that resistance literature can happen anytime in history and that it is a statement that is not physical but just as or even more effective.

Resistance literature can be seen as a form of writing that is written from society’s inner need. This need is a voice that has been shut down but finds its way to impact society with its words. It is written in a way where it opposes what they see as being wrong but the points that the literature conveys is deadly to those it is writing against. It is deadly because it opposes societies norms where it would force the others in power to use force where can make society support the resistance literature even more. The literature itself is a strategy that in any situation the opposing party takes the message will be sent.

Drama seems to be the most effective genre in writing resistance literature. Drama makes the little points into something greater than it can be. It exaggerates where that is very useful because even if the writer is having a hard time conveying a small point he can take the drama to make it seem more than what it is to the reader. Even if he may feel the same way about that point he knows that drama and exaggeration would make it a bigger point as he sees it to the reader.

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