Proposal # 1

September 28, 2010

C.J. Mohammed-Bujan

Prof. Lee



Immigrant Adaptation in H.S. Society

High school is a society where the environment can be cruel or nice depending on your popularity and the certain kids that you know. Dressing a certain way, talking a certain way , being a member of a club or team , your academics and looks are all major factors when it comes to putting yourself in a social class in High school. Adapting to the environment can be hard but it can be even harder to adapt when you’re not even from the country can be even harder. A person must adapt to there new environment as well as assimilate and try to fit in with the kids.

This situation has occurred in my High school where we had a transfer student from Japan come in for a year. When he first came in he was looked at for his dressing because right away you can tell it was very different from everyone else. On the first day he wore jean caprices’ with a bright tie die shirt a pair of converse and a big hat with a ball on top. No one made fun of him but did look at him thinking did this kid look in the mirror before coming to school. The second thing was his accent where at lunch he was speaking to the dean whom introduced him to our community. Everyone went up to say hi to him table by table where you could of told that he felt weird about it but the smile on his face showed a kind welcoming. This greeting made him feel more comfortable for now he knew people and just started to interact with them regularly on a daily basis.

My Guidance counselor then introduced him to some of the more outgoing kids where when the other kids saw the cool kids hanging out with him they just wanted to be his friend. The people that the transfer student was introduced to made it easier for him to adapt to the kids where they would tell him about their style of dressing where in turn he would tell them about there’s. When he explained how some of the kids dressed in Japan it was understandable that his style was not weird but just different.

                The interactions verbally between him and the other students made his speech better where it was easier and easier for him to be understood. This helped him assimilate to the students where he saw things that attracted him to our culture. He hung out with different people which showed that he was opened to any type of groups where he was eager to learn their ways. The process of adapting comes from both sides of the parties. They must both be cooperative in helping each other where they can learn and grow as individuals.

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2 Responses to “Proposal # 1”

  1.   emi8990 Says:

    I think that the example you used of the Japanese student made your proposal strong and helped us to understand that immigrating to another country is a difficult task that we must help make easier. Although I am interested in your topic, I’m not clear about what your plan is. What exactly do you have in mind to do to bring awareness or to change school societies? How do you anticipate in helping students assimilate? How can changes in this area benefit everyone? Other than that, I think this is a good start. Knowing how diverse America is, it is important to bring unity between people of different culture so that we can make better social connections that can help us in all aspects of life.

  2.   sthomas104 Says:

    I agree with your point on how difficult high school is. It is really a learning experience and shapes you to become the person you are. Peer pressure is a real issue that I think needs to be addressed when you get into school. The example of the Japanese student made your point really strong because anyone can feel more comfortable if you are warm to them and have a genuine smile. Maybe to bring awareness to your cause, you can hand out pamphlet’s and explain to the public how dificult it is for immgrants to assimilate. You can explain their struugles, like language barriers and how difficult it is to be apart of the social scene. How can these changes benefit everyone, not just immigrants? It is very easy to go through high school and not get anything out of it because you get lost in the crowd. How can we change that?

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