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Blog # 4 “Personification in Current Events”

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

The personification of Greed showed by Mr. Dollar Man is the wanting for more when they have more than enough. Mr. Dollarman who are the people who came to colonize are taking what is not theres and making it there own. This is more than they need and is greed to the fullest extent. The personification that can be drawn from Mr. Dollarman is selfish, narrow minded and inconsiderate. Events in the storyline that stick out is the main idea of Colonization. With Mr. Dollarman they just want to have control and make money and does not see that they are tainting culture and messing with peoples lively hoods.This personification of Mr. Dollarman can be viewed in relation with America and how it is they try to get involved with everones bussiness. America may not tru to colonize other countrys but they do try to make them conform to there way of thinking. A specific example of America getting involved in another Country business for there own benefit is the war with Iraq. It seemed more of a cover up so that Bush could of finished his fathers business but at the same time have control of some form with the Oil the Middle East has.

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