Blog # 4 “My unique male group”

November 11, 2010


I am a man a male the alpha of my kind, I have to support my family my wife my kids who are always on my mind.

 Responsibility is something that I have to own up to, I am a role model a husband yes the father of two

 I excelled in all sports I played in my younger days, I was a soccer player quick and fast , my personality got me voted prom king

 My muscles ache but I cannot complain my mental strength must stay strong I am too old to be playing games

 I have a beard that makes my youth fade away my deep voice and Adams apple yes I am a man I say

 I lift weights so I may stay strong as an ox my physical unmatched I take pride with my watches

 I watch football on a Monday night and Sunday I order those UFC fights I am a man I tell you I am 6 feet and light

 I take interest in my cars and fixing them on my free time, the grease gives me a thrill but I always end giving them a shine.

 I am a man a male the alpha of my kind, taking care of myself and my family making sure everything is fine.

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2 Responses to “Blog # 4 “My unique male group””

  1.   emi8990 Says:

    I really like this piece and your personification of the male gender. You did a good job of creating space between yourself and me as your audience. This poem does a good job of distancing yourself from the female gender. It also gives us insight on the concerns and thoughts that men experience. I found this poem to be captivating and admirable. It helped me to gain more respect for males who are not only males but fathers, husbands, and people with lives full of passions and interests.

  2.   sthomas104 Says:

    I like this piece on being a male. Males are diffrent from females in a number of ways, not just physically. This poem does a good job capturing that.

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