Blog # 5 “Greed and Politics”

November 11, 2010

Mr. Dollar man in Potiki makes things seem to be better than what they really are. Mr. Dollar man says he will do something but at the end he does not fully deliver on what it is he says. He capitalizes on other peoples work and benefits where he stays in a position of power. Politicians are the same as Mr. Dollar man. They only tell you what it is you want to hear yet they do not fully deliver. The reason the politicians tell you what you want to hear is so they would have a certain control. It keeps them in a position of power.

Mayor Bloomberg is a politician in our current day whom I believe is full of empty promises. He says one thing to the Public so he can keep his term but when he no longer needs the people and is in power he does the opposite of what he says. He believes what he does benefits New York as a whole but he does not look at the individuals that make up the whole.

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One Response to “Blog # 5 “Greed and Politics””

  1.   sthomas104 Says:

    I agree with what you said about politicians. They are liars and you have to decipher what they are saying. Politicians are there to represent you and give the voice for the people but they usually do more harm then good.

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