Blog # 7 ” Coca Cola in motion”

November 11, 2010

AD: American thirst Grab a Coca Cola and live the American Dream First


Driving through the desert in my Ford pickup truck I was thirsty as ever. My air condition had broke and the only circulation of air was that from outside. What I wouldn’t do for a nice cold drink right about now. Watching the birds flying over head they looked as if they were searching for something to drink. They were headed the same direction of my destination

I pulled over for a second because I thought I saw a mirage of a Coca Cola vending machine. My mind was only playing tricks on me. A nice cold coca cola sounded good about now. I hopped in my truck and continued on my way. I passed about a cactus and wondered if it had water inside of it. I must stopped with my foolish thoughts. The thought of the coca cola vending machine came back inside of my head.

The sand kicked up from the wheels of my tires and I looked at the gas gage. It was half way full. I asked myself how come it is the car can have gas to keep going but just a can of Coca Cola was to much to ask for. I passed several miles before I hit the main road to my destination. This was it I thought it’s almost time for that cold drink.

The sign I passed said five more miles, I just thought to myself five more miles until hydration. Three more miles left I hit the accelerator down because all that was on my mind was the taste of Coca Cola. The scent of burnt tires made me realize that I was moving at a speed that was unacceptable but the taste of the Coca Cola would all be worth it.

I saw a clearing where there was a major hole in the ground. Could it be? yes I have arrived. I pulled over and instead of looking at the view I trudged to the Coca Cola vending machine which was no longer an allusion but something I can hold and taste. I dispensed $2.00 so I can get two cans which were well deserved. Walking over to the clearing I put one can to the side of me and popped open then one in my hand. I looked at the view that they called the Grand Canyon and drank my coca cola gazing at the view. A Coca Cola quench more than thirst but also is a comfort for having one of those days.

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2 Responses to “Blog # 7 ” Coca Cola in motion””

  1.   sthomas104 Says:

    I really lilked your story. I also used the Coca Cola brand because of its rich and diverse history. The ads span across so many decades and capture the time period brilliantly. They are geniuses with marketing. Your story really captured the whole “refreshing” aspect of the drink. The company prides itself on relaxtion after a long day. It is like the beverage can make you escape to a happier time. Your story captured that perfectly.

  2.   emi8990 Says:

    i really liked you story. It also made me very thirsty and I could put myself in the shoes of the character who was exhausted and dehydtrated. The nature site of the dry Grand Canyon. It made the moment feel more like a time of desperation and really did make his need for a coke more dramatic. I think you did a great job at romanticizing the moment and showing coca cola to be a product that gives refreshment and relaxation.

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