Goals for the end of Semester

December 15, 2010

My goals that I had for the end of the semester was to make sure my final project was ready for presentation, update my blogs and make sure I studied hard and got a good grade on the final exam. The first step of making sure my project was complete was to make sure I had all my information I needed for presentation. In doing this I looked at a list I wrote for myself to make sure I accomplished all these goals I put for myself. i still had a few more to go but planned to work on it diligently. In studying for my final test I made sure i had all the information I needed to study for the test. I did just that gathered everything and just studied until I felt like I knew it like the back of my hand.The last step of was my blogs. I made sure that I looked at the ones I didn’t complete and the group members I didn’t comment on and am currently working on it.

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  1.   sthomas104 Says:

    I had the same goals. Basically to finish my final project and also do well on the final exam.

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