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Post Project Reflection

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

C.J. Mohammed-Bujan

Prof. Lee


English 379


In the beginning of this assignment I had originally selected a topic that had to do with high school immigrant students and their adaption to the school. As I was doing research on this the ASAP (Accelerated Studies in Associates Program) popped into mind as a topic that I would much rather present to my classmates and Professor. The idea stemmed from the way the program motivated me to do my absolute best with the goal of getting my associates degree in two years.

In coming up with the idea of ASAP I first had to think about what it was I wanted to focus on about the program. I started looking at the important services that the program offered that would make an individual interested in it. The idea of finance came into my head for we all know many people are unable to afford or go to college because the tuition and additional costs is what hinders them.

I started to reminisce about my experience in ASAP from day one where the faculty associated with the program made the transition for us so easy. They held our hands like we were baby’s and guided us from everything starting with prerequisites  to helping us focus on a major. They explained to us what was at stake and showed us the big picture from the start. With all this going on the financial aspect was the last thing on my mind when in this program. The main reason I didn’t worry about the financial aspect is because I had my parents to worry about that for me.

Thinking about the financial aspect of college I went back to Queensborough Community College and started asking students what is one of the biggest things that would hinder them from attending college. The majority of the students answered paying for tuition. This made me more eager to talk with the faculty of the ASAP program. I wanted to know what could be done in order for more people to get free schooling and be in the program. I first spoke with my former advisor Rosanna who had told me the program did expand but not by that much. The reason being was that they did not have enough financial backing. I asked where the financial backing for the program was coming and she had informed me from Mayor Bloomberg.

I wrote this down and knew that getting in contact with Mayor Bloomberg would be a must. He is the key to the whole program and in reaching out straight to the source change would be more efficient. I asked Rosanna if there were kids from the school who just walk over and ask them if they can join the program. She explained to me that they do and the main words that attracts them is “free education”. It just confirmed it for me even more the financial needs was the problem and that the solution would be Mayor Bloomberg. In order to get this solution I knew that I would have to explore alternative ways to get in contact with him and make him listen.

The first idea which was suggested by Professor Lee was the petition which would state why it is we would like to get the financial assistance to expand the program. In my petition I explained that a major reason why people are unable to attend college is because of the financial aspect. I got over 100 signatures with telephone numbers and email addresses. Getting these signatures were not an easy task because as I approached people they were skeptical as to what it is I was about to explain to them. I started talking about the program where almost every individual I talked to had no idea the program existed.

Explaining the program to these individuals gave me great pleasure because it was something that I took pride in since I was in it. After explaining the program to each individual except for maybe 3 or 4 the rest of them were more than happy to sign the petition for me. They saw it as a service to themselves as well because it could be something if opened to a broader range of students can implement change. The accomplishment of getting all these signatures made me ecstatic because I knew I was on the right start to making a difference.

I then talked to Rosanna and asked her if I could interview her this way I could get an in depth look about the program. I asked her how student in the program compare to those not in the program. She told me that the students in the program move at a faster rate because they have everything arranged for them. Not having a financial burden was another aspect that made the students more free to do their schoolwork.

I asked her about the financial aspect with Mayor Bloomberg and if they ever did anything to get additional funding. She said that they did ask for additional funding but they did not receive it to expand the program. One of the main reasons is that the Mayor’s office never felt like there were a large number of kids/students who were interested in it. I knew right there that my petition would be an important tool in my project and mission to affect change in the program. The last question I asked is if they believed the Mayors office has money to expand the program. Rosanna said that they themselves did research on this. They found out that the Mayors office spends money on cameras to take pictures if drivers were to run a red light. The same millions of dollars being spent on this can be spent on expanding the ASAP program.

In finding out all this information financially about the program I knew that it could be expanded. It was just to stay consistent with it and show that a lot of people are interested. I found a chart with Bloomberg’s spending just to show that he does spend money in areas that don’t need it as much as others. There was 25% of the money that was spent on education then another 21% that just said remainder. I was curious as to what the remainder was and went online to get a contact number for the Mayor’s office. I called the office and when I got through with someone I was put on hold and the phone eventually hung up. I called back and the same thing happened. I knew they did not want to answer my question when they kept doing this.

I then decided that writing a letter would be a great way to get through to the Mayor. In the letter I thanked the Mayor for funding the program because without him none of this would be possible. I explained to the Mayor that I was alumni of the program and how it helped me especially financially. I wrote how I had a petition which I got signed by over 100 people. I explained how I went back to Queens Borough and spoke to the advisors to the job developer to the head of the program at Queens borough. I had to show the Mayor that I was taking an active initiative in the program. Lastly in the letter I told the Mayor how I researched government spending. I pointed out how I found that millions of dollars were being spent on parks. I told the Mayor that I noticed all this money was being spent on things such as the park which were already in existence. I said that this same money could be spent on the program.

I included a separate sheet which showed ASAP’s progress and all that ASAP students have achieved since the program had started. The progress of the program was to show the positive direction that the program is headed in. In showing these positive things in the program I would hope the Mayor would see that he is making a difference where in turn these students are making a difference in society. I believe in including the letter, petition and progress report regarding the program it would show multiple reasons of concern why the program should expand.

In the middle of the project the obstacles I faced was trying to get enough financial information to back my reasoning for my project. I was discouraged at first because I thought that it would be tough. It was tough but through research I figured out that in finding ways the Mayor spends his money where it does not need to be spent I could come up with a valid argument to show why he should spend money on the ASAP program.

If I were to change something about my project it may be to get more information regarding finances and the Mayor’s office. In finding more ways in which the Mayor spends his money that could be considered a waste I would have been able to have a stronger argument why it is he should spend money on the program. Another thing I would change is even though it would have been to the extreme to have a rally outside the mayor’s office. This would have definitely delivered my message in a way where the media would of possibly picked up on it.

If there is anyone who is truly interested in my topic I would ask you to first get in contact with the ASAP program. This way you would be able to get a first hand view as to what it is they are about. In doing so you would be able to take it upon yourself if it’s really worth it to you to gather information and then present it to the Mayor’s office. The mayors office is the key as I mentioned before , as I did you may encounter a lot of back and fourth with them but if you keep persistant you will make progress.

This project has opened up my mind and eyes in regards to if you are really into making a change it can happen. It is up to you and how far it is you are willing to push yourself to make the reality of that change occur. In the beginning of the project I was excited but extremely nervous as to how it is I would make a great change. I took it one step at a time where at the end everything came together beautifully for what it was.

In the task of having to present this project to the class I had to arrange the information in a coherent manner where they would be able to understand my main objective with this project without me having to outright state it. It worked because two of my classmates when I asked the question said it was based on a financial aspect which was correct. This project showed me anything is possible and that change starts small where it eventually will have an effect on the source which will affect the whole.


Rosanna Fernandez

Goals for the end of Semester

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

My goals that I had for the end of the semester was to make sure my final project was ready for presentation, update my blogs and make sure I studied hard and got a good grade on the final exam. The first step of making sure my project was complete was to make sure I had all my information I needed for presentation. In doing this I looked at a list I wrote for myself to make sure I accomplished all these goals I put for myself. i still had a few more to go but planned to work on it diligently. In studying for my final test I made sure i had all the information I needed to study for the test. I did just that gathered everything and just studied until I felt like I knew it like the back of my hand.The last step of was my blogs. I made sure that I looked at the ones I didn’t complete and the group members I didn’t comment on and am currently working on it.

Blog # 7 ” Coca Cola in motion”

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

AD: American thirst Grab a Coca Cola and live the American Dream First


Driving through the desert in my Ford pickup truck I was thirsty as ever. My air condition had broke and the only circulation of air was that from outside. What I wouldn’t do for a nice cold drink right about now. Watching the birds flying over head they looked as if they were searching for something to drink. They were headed the same direction of my destination

I pulled over for a second because I thought I saw a mirage of a Coca Cola vending machine. My mind was only playing tricks on me. A nice cold coca cola sounded good about now. I hopped in my truck and continued on my way. I passed about a cactus and wondered if it had water inside of it. I must stopped with my foolish thoughts. The thought of the coca cola vending machine came back inside of my head.

The sand kicked up from the wheels of my tires and I looked at the gas gage. It was half way full. I asked myself how come it is the car can have gas to keep going but just a can of Coca Cola was to much to ask for. I passed several miles before I hit the main road to my destination. This was it I thought it’s almost time for that cold drink.

The sign I passed said five more miles, I just thought to myself five more miles until hydration. Three more miles left I hit the accelerator down because all that was on my mind was the taste of Coca Cola. The scent of burnt tires made me realize that I was moving at a speed that was unacceptable but the taste of the Coca Cola would all be worth it.

I saw a clearing where there was a major hole in the ground. Could it be? yes I have arrived. I pulled over and instead of looking at the view I trudged to the Coca Cola vending machine which was no longer an allusion but something I can hold and taste. I dispensed $2.00 so I can get two cans which were well deserved. Walking over to the clearing I put one can to the side of me and popped open then one in my hand. I looked at the view that they called the Grand Canyon and drank my coca cola gazing at the view. A Coca Cola quench more than thirst but also is a comfort for having one of those days.

Blog # 6 “Project Update”

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

My project is coming along fine and progress could not be going any better. I have already interviewed the advisors as well as the head of the program pertaining to financial issues in expanding the ASAP program. I did Q& A with everyone whom I interviewed and the feedback was incredible. Financially the program is unable to fund everyone because they have a certain budget to stay within. As I asked about the budget being expanded they told me that it is the city’s decision more specifically Mayor Bloomberg.

I started getting people on campus to sign a sheet which I am planning to send to Mayor Bloomberg as well as my letter pointing out certain issues where money being spent carelessly in the city such as in parks where it can be put towards the educations of college students. The mayor is doing a great thing in funding the program but he will be doing an even greater thing if he used the city’s money a bit wisely where at the end with more college graduates it will produce more productive members of society.

Blog # 5 “Greed and Politics”

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Mr. Dollar man in Potiki makes things seem to be better than what they really are. Mr. Dollar man says he will do something but at the end he does not fully deliver on what it is he says. He capitalizes on other peoples work and benefits where he stays in a position of power. Politicians are the same as Mr. Dollar man. They only tell you what it is you want to hear yet they do not fully deliver. The reason the politicians tell you what you want to hear is so they would have a certain control. It keeps them in a position of power.

Mayor Bloomberg is a politician in our current day whom I believe is full of empty promises. He says one thing to the Public so he can keep his term but when he no longer needs the people and is in power he does the opposite of what he says. He believes what he does benefits New York as a whole but he does not look at the individuals that make up the whole.

Blog # 4 “My unique male group”

Thursday, November 11th, 2010


I am a man a male the alpha of my kind, I have to support my family my wife my kids who are always on my mind.

 Responsibility is something that I have to own up to, I am a role model a husband yes the father of two

 I excelled in all sports I played in my younger days, I was a soccer player quick and fast , my personality got me voted prom king

 My muscles ache but I cannot complain my mental strength must stay strong I am too old to be playing games

 I have a beard that makes my youth fade away my deep voice and Adams apple yes I am a man I say

 I lift weights so I may stay strong as an ox my physical unmatched I take pride with my watches

 I watch football on a Monday night and Sunday I order those UFC fights I am a man I tell you I am 6 feet and light

 I take interest in my cars and fixing them on my free time, the grease gives me a thrill but I always end giving them a shine.

 I am a man a male the alpha of my kind, taking care of myself and my family making sure everything is fine.

Blog # 4 “Personification in Current Events”

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

The personification of Greed showed by Mr. Dollar Man is the wanting for more when they have more than enough. Mr. Dollarman who are the people who came to colonize are taking what is not theres and making it there own. This is more than they need and is greed to the fullest extent. The personification that can be drawn from Mr. Dollarman is selfish, narrow minded and inconsiderate. Events in the storyline that stick out is the main idea of Colonization. With Mr. Dollarman they just want to have control and make money and does not see that they are tainting culture and messing with peoples lively hoods.This personification of Mr. Dollarman can be viewed in relation with America and how it is they try to get involved with everones bussiness. America may not tru to colonize other countrys but they do try to make them conform to there way of thinking. A specific example of America getting involved in another Country business for there own benefit is the war with Iraq. It seemed more of a cover up so that Bush could of finished his fathers business but at the same time have control of some form with the Oil the Middle East has.

Proposal # 1

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

C.J. Mohammed-Bujan

Prof. Lee



Immigrant Adaptation in H.S. Society

High school is a society where the environment can be cruel or nice depending on your popularity and the certain kids that you know. Dressing a certain way, talking a certain way , being a member of a club or team , your academics and looks are all major factors when it comes to putting yourself in a social class in High school. Adapting to the environment can be hard but it can be even harder to adapt when you’re not even from the country can be even harder. A person must adapt to there new environment as well as assimilate and try to fit in with the kids.

This situation has occurred in my High school where we had a transfer student from Japan come in for a year. When he first came in he was looked at for his dressing because right away you can tell it was very different from everyone else. On the first day he wore jean caprices’ with a bright tie die shirt a pair of converse and a big hat with a ball on top. No one made fun of him but did look at him thinking did this kid look in the mirror before coming to school. The second thing was his accent where at lunch he was speaking to the dean whom introduced him to our community. Everyone went up to say hi to him table by table where you could of told that he felt weird about it but the smile on his face showed a kind welcoming. This greeting made him feel more comfortable for now he knew people and just started to interact with them regularly on a daily basis.

My Guidance counselor then introduced him to some of the more outgoing kids where when the other kids saw the cool kids hanging out with him they just wanted to be his friend. The people that the transfer student was introduced to made it easier for him to adapt to the kids where they would tell him about their style of dressing where in turn he would tell them about there’s. When he explained how some of the kids dressed in Japan it was understandable that his style was not weird but just different.

                The interactions verbally between him and the other students made his speech better where it was easier and easier for him to be understood. This helped him assimilate to the students where he saw things that attracted him to our culture. He hung out with different people which showed that he was opened to any type of groups where he was eager to learn their ways. The process of adapting comes from both sides of the parties. They must both be cooperative in helping each other where they can learn and grow as individuals.

Blob # 3 , Resistance Literature

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Resistance literature is literature that goes against the political situations that are occurring in society. The literature makes a statement thru its specific writing style where it makes its points about the wrong things that it sees in society. The politics involved in the writing draws points from the view that they are opposing and shows how the party that the literature is writing is being ridiculed for their beliefs. As these beliefs are being silenced the literature spreads to shed light in every way possible so even those who don’t want to see the reality of what going on will read and be enlightened. In this writing it empowers the individuals that the writing is for and makes the individuals who try to suppress it look bad.

An example of resistance literature in a period that we did not discuss in class would be from 1964-1985 where Brazilian literature resistance was shown. The resistance in this literature shows an impact during the military regime where not much was said nor done out of fear. The writing yet again showed its similarity as to the resistance literature we talked about in class even though the times were different. The time shows that resistance literature can happen anytime in history and that it is a statement that is not physical but just as or even more effective.

Resistance literature can be seen as a form of writing that is written from society’s inner need. This need is a voice that has been shut down but finds its way to impact society with its words. It is written in a way where it opposes what they see as being wrong but the points that the literature conveys is deadly to those it is writing against. It is deadly because it opposes societies norms where it would force the others in power to use force where can make society support the resistance literature even more. The literature itself is a strategy that in any situation the opposing party takes the message will be sent.

Drama seems to be the most effective genre in writing resistance literature. Drama makes the little points into something greater than it can be. It exaggerates where that is very useful because even if the writer is having a hard time conveying a small point he can take the drama to make it seem more than what it is to the reader. Even if he may feel the same way about that point he knows that drama and exaggeration would make it a bigger point as he sees it to the reader.

Blog # 2 , “Ring of Lies and Trouble”

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

“Ring of Lies”

                The ring was a symbol where I wanted to show you my love and trust , the ring was a symbol that showed you how having you was a must , The ring showed how the circle of our lives were complete , The ring fit perfectly on your finger like the shoe on your feet . The ring looked passed the loose strings and such the heart only wanted to feel your tender touch.

                The days past where the ring’s meaning was fading it felt like our love had jumped ship and off it was sailing , The ring became a black hole like those unexpected currents in the sea , why couldn’t you just realize from the beginning it was me , Your mistakes are your own where the pieces are all over the floor ,  you went around acting like a prostitute no more begging it’s really all over. The ring at the end represented a Valley of lies , all I can say now to you my love is farewell goodbye.

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