Blog # 1 “Characters in Action”

September 23, 2010

Farah Halin who was the first female elected as Governor in Alaska had a power ful affect on the people in Alaska where she showed that anything was possible. Being an author , politician and speaker she sent her message in many forms where she wanted people too see views from a different angle. The angle that she chose was her angle where she started to push her views on people where she did help the Alaskan society but at the same time it seemed as if she were doing it for a greater purpose. This purpose was later seen when Presedential candidate Ron Mcfame asked her to be his running mate. The world was astonished to see a women running for Vice President , this action was something that went against societies norms. Usually a man would run for President and if a women ever tried she would not make it as far as a presedentia candidate nor even a Vice President. Farah saw that being a woman could be a strike against her in being an important figure in society but it seemed as if she used it to her advantage.

Halin is 46 years old and is seen to be around 5’4. Her physical features show that she is caucasian and wears glasses. Her social class is that of the rich where she seems to mingle with powerful people. Halin does mingle with regular people but it seems as if she does it in a way where she does it to benefit herself in the publics eye. Halin who lives in Alaska enjoys the company of her family. In the mornings as she gets up and sees what her daily schedule looks like she always makes time to incorporate her family into activities such as brunch and so. The public may see this as a way for her to gain favor amongst them while otheres just see it as her spending time with her family. Eloping with her highschool boyfriend can shows Halins quick decision making without planning. Having five kids with her husband Halins 17 year old ended up getting pregnant. This showed that Halin’s parenting skills were inadequate. This situation with Halin kid shows tthat if she cant control her own society how is it that she can control a state.

Halin saw the environment of Alaska as her first battle field that she had to conquer. As she was elected and took power she showed a face to the public that signified a strong person. She was really hiding behind many of her colleagues where she was not to sure about the decisions she was making. Halin tried to uphold the social image as a strong leader but as her family life began to show weakness with her daughter getting pregnant it became abundantly clear that she was not as strong as she presented to be. Halin’s personal view is to reunite the people to achieve a strong successful and productive environment. This view of hers is clear but her plan to execute it was not as clear is her original vision.

The character of Halin appears to be strong but is weak. As she has a strong appearance in society her personal life clashes. It brings us to question can a person truely be strong thru personal situations and still lead her society in a positive direction. The motivation of the character comes from a wanting to prove herself to society that she can go against societies norms and be a woman of power.

Brief Introduction , Blog # 1

August 29, 2010

My name is Clyde and I prefer to be called C.J. because my dad’s name is Clyde Sr. and I am Clyde Jr. I am currently an English major and am graduating this fall with my bachelors degree. I am very excited and am planning to persue my masters in teaching . This semester is going to be great and I plan to do phenominal in all my classes. In each of my classes I have set up a schedule where I will be able to study and maintain a balance in each of my six classes. I believe in the saying the key to happyness is a bad memory and good health. A person should always be at there best with this saying and not let anything hinder them. I am a person who believes in the positive side of everything and likes to see the best in everyone and everything.

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